The Speech Bubble is our turnkey solution for those requiring a broadcast quality studio in their home or office.

The Speech Bubble is ideal for podcasters, home voicetracking or voiceovers, and our work is already used on national radio in the UK.


With a choice of size, fabric, and colours, you can truly make your studio your own. Once you have made your choice, we then come to your home or office to install your studio for you.

Equipment & Software

We offer everything you need for your new studio, from recording software and computers, to mixers, microphones and headphones. All equipment is installed and tested, with training provided in its use.

Case Studies

Paul Hayes - Voicetracking

Paul can be heard on national radio and is the co-founder of Voicetracker Hub. He approached us to build a voicetracking facility in his home.

  • Paul Hayes Outside View
  • Paul Hayes Inside View

The Football Ramble - Podcasting

The Football Ramble produce a twice-weekly, award winning football podcast. Until recently, this involved hiring studio facilities around London to record, but having acquired office space in the north of the city, they asked us to build a turn-key studio to suit their requirements.

  • Football Ramble Outside View
  • Football Ramble Inside View

Fran Godfrey - Voicetracking

Fran is well known for her time on BBC Radio 2 as a newsreader - in particular for her appearances on Wake Up With Wogan. She currently presents the Breakfast Show on Mellow Magic nationally on DAB. Fran asked us to look at installing a studio in a spare room so she could record content from home.

  • Fran Godfrey Wall Covering
  • Fran Godfrey Studio

If you would like to enquire about a Speech Bubble for your home or office, get in touch with us today.